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Benefits of mutuality

Mutuality in the insurance field means that companies:

  • are owned exclusively by the policyholders; and
  • have a board of directors which is elected by the policyholders.

Whether they own a farm, a business, a house, or a car, all policyholders of pure farm mutual insurance companies are entitled to one vote.

As policyholders own their mutual insurance company; there are no stockholders. Profits generated by the company are either kept in reserve or distributed in the form of lower premiums.

The goal of Canadian mutual insurance companies is to provide the best products and the best service at the lowest price. Thanks to their local base, mutual insurance companies are in a unique position to develop strategies which better meet the needs of their locality - this is reflected in the products offered, in the superior quality of service provided and in the companies' relationship with their policyholders.

When a mutual insurance company deals with a policyholder, it deals with one of its owners. Mutual insurance companies do not have conflicts of interests; they only have one constituency to serve: their customers (who also happen to be their owners).

By concentrating on their policyholders' needs, mutual insurance companies have established a tradition of innovation; innovation which has brought us more members who, in turn, ensure the long-term viability of the mutual movement.

Although mutual insurance companies are often small in comparison to stock insurance companies, they share back-office functions which generate economies of scales comparable to those enjoyed by larger stock companies. Compounded with the absence of dividends to shareholders, it is understandable how mutual insurance companies have been able to maintain very competitive prices. With a combined loss and expense ratio similar to, or better than, those of larger stock insurance companies; mutual insurance companies are the living proof that in the insurance business there is little relationship between size and financial viability.


Ours products

The various services offered by mutual near you:

  • Farm insurance:  Where everything started. We’ve been part of their families for over a century and we make sure to give them customize coverage.

  • Residential insurance: Usually your first and biggest investment. That’s why we make sure to ensure according to your need and requirements. We offer coverage that includes up to your personal belongings.

  • Commercial insurance: Because we understand the investment in time and money to build your business, we take the time needed to customize the services that best suits your needs.

  • Auto insurance: No matter what type of vehicle you drive, we make sure to protect you and the vehicle by offering you the coverage you need.

  • Life & Health insurance and financial service:

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Complete protection

In recent years, regulators at the Federal and Provincial level have increased their requirements from insurers. A number of these requirements deal with the protection of the consumer, some of which are more specifically targeted at insurers’ interaction with the consumer. In these instances, the consumer needs to be advised of his/her rights and responsibilities. As well, the regulator has asked insurers to improve their internal processes within the companies in their dealings with brokers and agents; processes that need to be well documented and reported to the regulator.

This is why as an association it is our duty to be this LINK between consumers and insurers. We stand FACTS about the latest news on regulations and we ensure that they are implemented by different mutual insurance companies.

We regularly lobby near the deputies and senators on topics you keys that directly or indirectly affect mutuals. We also meet, MPs and senators once a year to monitor the policies that govern and to maintain mutuals relations in the interests of mutuals.


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