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The federal and many provincial regulators require that insurers appoint a Consumer Complaint Officer/Ombudsperson and that they set a procedure to deal with complaints.

If you have a concern, inquiry or complaint, please contact your insurance broker or your sales representative. If you dealt through a broker, he/she will contact our company representative responsible for your file.

If your sales representative or company representative is unable resolve the situation to your satisfaction within X days, your complaint should be referred to our Consumer Complaint Officer/Ombudsperson.

Our company’s Consumer Complaint Officer/Ombudsperson is name/coordinates. To activate the company’s complaint handling process, please provide our Consumer Complaint Officer/Ombudsperson with:

  • your name, address, policy number and claim number (if applicable);
  • a phone number where you can be reached during normal business hours; and
  • the details of your complaint/concern.

The Consumer Complaint Officer/Ombudsperson is responsible for:

  • overseeing the complaint process; and
  • ensuring your complaint/concern is addressed.

This Complaint Handling Process does not apply to any situation involving litigation by the insured against the company or a complaint that has already been dealt with by an alternative dispute resolution process.

If the company is unable to resolve the complaint our Consumer Complaint Officer/Ombudsperson will write a letter stating the company’s final position within X days after receiving your letter. If your concern has still not been resolved, depending on the nature of your complaint, you may then obtain the service of a mediator by writing to the Mutual Insurance Companies OmbudService (MICO) or to the provincial/federal regulator.

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