for Canada's mutual insurance industry

Board and Management

Executive Committee

Jeff Consitt
Chair of the Board - Ontario
2nd year of his 4th term of office

Senior Vice President & COO
Farm Mutual Re

Wayne Wyborn
1st Vice Chair of the Board - Western
3rd year of his 1st term of office

Vice President & COO
Portage Mutual Insurance Co.

Geneviève Fortier
2nd Vice Chair of the Board - Quebec
2nd year of her 1st term of office

Chief Executive Officer
Promutuel Assurance




Blair Campbell
Past Chair of the Board – Eastern Canada
3rd year of his 4th term of office

President & CEO
PEI Mutual Ins. Co.

Greg Dunlap
Director - Eastern Canada
1st year of his 2nd term of office

President & CEO
Stanley Mutual Ins. Co.

Luc Grégroire
Director - Quebec
1st year of her 1st term of office

General Manager
Promutuel Assurance Deux-Montagnes

Evan Johnston
Director - Western
2nd year of his 1st term of office

Senior Vice President
Wawanesa Mutual Ins. Co.

Tracy MacDonald
Director - Ontario
1st year of her 2nd term of office

President & CEO
Trillium Mutual Ins. Co.

Deborah Van Eyk
Director - Ontario
2nd year of her 1st term of office

President & CEO
Lambton Mutual Ins. CO.



Sangita Kamblé
President & CEO
Canadian Association of Mutual Insurance Companies



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